Let’s Celebrate Easter Every Day.

This Sunday I had thought easily less than 2 hours. This being on the day of the week that is supposed to be fully devoted to rest and reflection on our lives in Christ. This being on the one day of the year that represents the ultimate sacrifice and gift.


Why I’m 21 and Single

I am 21 years of age. I am in college. I have dated before. But today, I’m claiming that I am still not ready to date.

Grace in the End Credits.

When I started jotting down ideas for my next post, I told myself that I wasn’t going to write anything too heavy. Guess what idea struck me fast and hard approximately 27 minutes after I made that decision?

My God, my Comfort.

“Laziness is not the reclusive passivity it pretends to be. It is active obedience to someone, to something other than Jesus Christ.”

4 Steps to Falling Off of Your Bike Properly.

If you have a dad, or a mom, or any kind of authoritative loving figure in your life, chances are they taught you how to ride a bike. And if you had an especially good dad/mom/guardian they soon took those training wheels off and taught you how to fall off.


So, confession time. This is not the first blog I have ever attempted to write.  In high school I actually tried to write posts including tips I believed would encourage others to get through high school with their sanity in tact. It’s actually quite laughable, because I had no idea how to keep my own…