So, confession time.

This is not the first blog I have ever attempted to write.  In high school I actually tried to write posts including tips I believed would encourage others to get through high school with their sanity in tact.

It’s actually quite laughable, because I had no idea how to keep my own life together.  Still don’t.

Both were anonymous, of course, but one of them was surprisingly successful in the blogging world.  So, you ask, why did I not continue with that one blog?  The answer is simple.  It had no ultimate purpose.  My idea was ill-thought out and I soon ran out of tips (that made sense) to post about.

Ever since then I have tried thinking of other things to blog about, ways I could get those creative juices inside me flowing, believing that I had to stick to some sort of theme.  That was until, about 2 months ago, when a person I know started blogging and bravely linking his posts to FB for the whole world (his 1,000+ friends) to read.

I still find that very brave, by the way.

In his first post, he talked about going through the same thing I had and how he had originally sought out the most influential topics, hoping for praise for some kind of written genius.  He then continued to explain what kind of writing he was going to do now: He was going to tell stories.  His stories.  Stories that would hopefully impact the people reading it, and if they didn’t, he would have fun writing them nonetheless.

That’s what inspired me to start anew.  This time, my sole purpose is to start fresh and talk about any topic that interests me, that I love to write about, with the hopes of impacting maybe one or two people along the way.


I hope that you all enjoy reading this, because I’m really going to enjoy writing it.


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